Hi there 👋,

Since my available time, priorities, and focus have all shifted a lot, I am sunsetting this website.

Oh, What a Ride

It turns out that I don’t have the cycles to maintain multiple demanding projects, and it’s better to focus than to thinly spread my attention, energy, and intention to several different projects.

But that was a good journey, and creating short byte-sized technical content helped me a lot in learning to develop additional content with even better quality.

That, in turn, helped me create an online course then to begin live streaming like there’s no tomorrow.

Without having started bytesized.tv, I would not have realized my passion for adding value to the community.

Without creating content on bytesized.tv, for more that two years, I would not have become better at streaming and content creation.

Every saga has a beginning. And this is where it all started. So I’m not making this sunsetting decision with a light heart.

From Zero to Hero

Here’s what I’m actively working on:

I push new content there a couple of times every week, so rest assured, you won’t run out of unique content there :).

What Happened to the Old Content?

You can find the videos that I’ve created on bytesized.tv so far ByteSized.tv’s YouTube Channel. I’m also relocating related GitHub repositories associated with bytesized.tv to ZeroToHero’s GitHub organization.

Hasta Siempre

That’s about it, I guess.

See you at ZeroToHero, and, like I always say…

may the source be with you.