JavaScript Interview Questions who else wants to nail that interview?

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Who This Book is for

Before I get into who this book is for, I guess I should tell you who this book isn't for: This book isn't for those looking for quick remedies. Nor is this book a magic wand that will instantly transform you into a rockstar candidate. It is not for the lazy, or for the close-minded, or for those who think that the overall job interview process is a "virtual reality" to keep you out anyway. This book isn't for those who have their minds made up, or know it all. As you will see, this book is a radical departure from virtually all other interview books available.

This book is for people who live and breathe JavaScript. This book is for those who are bold enough to investigate the depth and breadth of JavaScript. Although the intended audience of this book is the curious people seeking for JavaScript Engineering jobs (and obviously this book is highly JavaScript-focused), anyone who wants ideas on how to ace in the technical and non-technical parts of an Engineering job interview process can benefit from this book.

… and is it for me?

So just who is this book for? This book is for anyone who desires an improved perspective on JavaScript interviews, and who wants to leverage this new perspective on a consistent basis in the playing of the game of "virtual reality".

This book is for those who understand the value and necessity of hard work, and are willing to put forth an effort to learn: This book will teach you lesser-known minute details on how to prepare for a technical interview in general, and how to prepare for a JavaScript Engineering interview in particular. And, as they say, "Devil is in the details".

Take the Red Pill

In the last couple of years I have been to at least a hundred technical interviews on JavaScript Engineering, Front-End Development, and related positions. So, rather than giving you some HR Manager’s perspective on what interviews should look like, I'm going to hand over you the red pill and tell what the JavaScript Engineering interviews really are, and what you will need to know to get the job you want.

This book is for "doers"; not spectators or readers. This book is for believers, for those who instinctively say “yes that makes sense” and dive in right away. This book is also for skeptics, who may doubt the efficacy and value of the material, but are open-minded enough to begin and give things an honest chance.

Contrary to most of the programming interview books on the market, this book will teach you how to think, instead of forcing you memorize a set of "how do you balance an unbalanced binary tree?" kind of questions. Rather, this book will show you all the most important features of JavaScript and how they fit together.

Download the "Prelude"

Download this introductory sample to learn more about the book. And order before anyone else (including recruiters and decision-makers) and use this to your advantage ;).

Are Interviews Frustrating?

This book is for all the frustrated candidates who have been into a great interview, but haven't received the expected outcome (i.e. an offer) from the process. After you finish this book, you will have a solid foundation of knowledge that you can build upon to knock out any kind of interviewing challenge thrown over you.

It will cost less than two cups of coffee, and it will be the greatest career investment you will ever make.

What Readers Say

We need more of these. There are a lot of books about interviews on the shelf, but not many of them have the quality of "JavaScript Interview Questions" that I can recommend that could be useful not only for the candidates, but also for the decision-makers on the other side of the desk. I endorse the tremendous effort that has been put into this book.

Asli Derbent Özkan, General Manager, Veripark

I recommend "JavaScript Interview Questions" to all of my classmates and students in current cohorts. Just writing my first line of code in September and getting my first job in January, I just wanted to applaud and thank you for your work. I found your book a vital resource for interview prep and overall JavaScript review. It is a hidden gem and will soon be, if it is not already, a staple for the Web Development and Javascript Community.

Scott D'Alessandro, Teaching Fellow,
Fullstack Academy of Code

Thank you very putting “JavaScript Interview Questions” together. I've read your book and it was great! Exactly what I'm needing right now and what 99% of other books or people don't tell.

Mark, Full Stack Software Engineer

When you order the book you will get…

After you complete your purchase, you will receive a download link within 24 hours; thank you for your patience.

Helps You Ace that Interview

I don't say it will be easy; and I don't say it will be quick. It's freaking hard work! If it were easy, everybody would have done it.

But if you are persistent, stubborn, and ambitious enough, sooner than later you will reap the benefits of this book.

If you want to work in a rock star company, be a rock star: Do your homework, don't just skim, but digest this book: Browse any links cited; read through any supporting materials given.

If you investigate every single one of the tips, tricks and ideas presented in this book, all the places that you'd admire to work at will be racing against each other to have you.

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